raphaelraven666 (raphaelraven666) wrote in hamlet_is_dead,

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Everything is Nothing's ally

when their prayers are told in vain
when the world cannot heal its own pain
when theyre falling again and again
when they run they will all be slain

when they all come before His right eye
the people theyll all kneel and cry
youll bleed just to know you can die
when everything's nothing's ally

when the end it is near
for you and for everyone
youll hold youre loved dear
before its too late

the priests they will cry
"please dont let me die"...
"oh please dont let me die"...
"god, please dont let me die"...

their prayers on deaf ears
how they wasted their years
and the light now it sears
they have realised their fears

everything's nothing's ally
the people they fall and they cry
they bleed just to know they cant die
in anguish they curse the right eye
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