found in the lotus (livinglifemyway) wrote in hamlet_is_dead,
found in the lotus

walking past the monoliths that cast a shadow
wrapped within a dream created under a blackened sun
monuments born of a broken land
taken back to where it all began
silent I stand upon these shores again
each obsidian giant faces
the firey red of the dusk
some shade their eyes
others hold what were weapons
now nothing but rust
as I wander passed each frozen figure
formless whispers find their way to my ears
each sturdy form exemplifies
a testament toward degredation or betterment
all shed bitter tears
even statues weep for the forgotten years
they speak to me
every hushed word carried by the wind
intones the wearyness of a battered remnant
all were conscious once but they lost their reason
now they cannot believe and remain the forgotton legion
the keepers of wisdom
in time I will return to this land of waste
to bring that wisdom to this place
so that maybe I can bring a name
to all these faceless wastes of space
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